Only thing I can track is your IP address.

This webserver of this website has:

  • no cookies
  • no JavaScript or
  • nothing that might detract you from viewing this website as plainly, directly, and simply as possible.

There are no malicious behavior within this website such as:

  • TCP sequence prediction attack
  • HTTP session hijacking
  • HTTP magic cookie stealing/theft (HTTP/1.0+)
  • HTTP super cookie stealing/theft (HTTP/1.1)
  • HTTP session fixation
  • HTTP session side-jacking
  • cross-site scripting (XSS)
    • persistent XSS (aka Stored XSS or Type I)
    • reflected XSS (aka Non-Persistent or Type II)
    • DOM-based XSS (Type 0)
  • browser hijacking (malware)

While I may do authentication for one-time URL that I may email toward my prospective customers to protect against their email scanners from pre-visiting such sent links before it gets read by their own human eyes, this and any authentication being done are in accordance with this Authentication API security article of mine.