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JavaScript Interpreter Analysis, Mozilla Unified

This article details the analysis of available datum associated with each bytecode of the JavaScript interpreter in Mozilla Unified repo (that is also being used in Firefox).


The focus of the bytecode interpreter is the loop (INTERPRETER_LOOP() C macro).

Available structures are given in Interpreter() function:

  • Run State machine …

Debugging `jsshell`

This article details how to perfom debugging of the jsshell in Mozilla Unified repository.

Setting Up jsshell Debug

With the js binary built (as described in Firefox JSSHELL, we can then start debugging.

Preparing Work Directory

cd firefox
          mkdir test
          cd test
          ln …

Building `jsshell`

After Mercuralizing the Mozilla Firefox repository, the next focus is to create a MOZCONFIG. MOZCONFIG is a term and also an environment variable that holds various build settings for Mozilla projects (such as Firefox).


we make use of a $HOME/mozconfigs directory to hold our generic but personalized build …